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InterCity Leadership Visit

Join the Minneapolis Regional and Saint Paul Area Chambers of Commerce for the 18th InterCity Leadership Visit.  This year we are headed to Boston!

Our MSP region has learned many things throughout the 17 years of annual study visit to another community to look at their best practices around civic issues.  There are several successful initiatives here in MSP that were created from our trips.  The Itasca Project, MN Compass, Greater MSP are just a few that resulted from the cross-sector collaborative discussions that took place on InterCity Leadership Visits.

InterCity Leadership Visit

Why Boston?

(information provided by The Boston Indicators, for full report)

Boston is a city on the move. Their population is growing, and so is their economy. New housing is being built, although more is needed. Established businesses are relocating from the suburbs to their region’s urban core. Entrepreneurs are starting new businesses. Immigrants are attracted to Boston for economic opportunity, their growing diversity and their provision of social supports like decent public education.

With a population of approximately 625,000, Boston is the center of a large metropolitan area, home to almost 4.6 million people.  The city is made up of professionals, students, and families who live and work in the city.

Boston is jam packed with a wide variety of industries.  Known also as the “Athens of America” Boston’s renowned medical and educational institutions have helped to make it an international center of learning and intellectual activity. The metropolitan area has 35 hospitals, including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, among others, all that have reputations in providing groundbreaking research and excellence in care.

More and more companies are making Boston their home, including most recently, General Electric, who will be located in Boston’s continually developing waterfront area. The growing biotech industry in Boston and Cambridge includes:  Novartis, Pfizer, and Biogen, to name a few. And financial institutions with a large presence include Bank of America, Citizens Bank, and Fidelity Investments.

People are attracted to Boston for the history and culture, their universities, their technology sector and their provision of quality public services. And, yet, there’s a growing sense that the local economy still isn’t delivering for everyone. Something’s out of balance. Higher-skill workers have abundant opportunities as knowledge sectors of the economy continue to grow. Unemployment is low and their aggregate wealth has helped lead to some important public investments. Increased local property tax revenue, for instance, has enabled the city to increase spending on Boston Public Schools. Nevertheless, poverty remains elevated since the onset of the Great Recession. Housing costs are skyrocketing just as their transportation infrastructure is crumbling.

We will be studying these issues and more in October.  Join us!

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$2995 per person including air, ground transportation, hotel and meals, includes everything except incidentals at hotel and any food/beverage not on the agenda.

Dates and Details:

Join us for our 18th trip, October 13-15! Register Here.

Air Itinerary:

  • Sunday, October 13th:  Delta #995, departs MSP 9:55 a.m. arrives BOS 1:46 p.m.
  • Tuesday, October 15th:  Delta #2391 departs BOS 4:15 p.m. arrives MSP 6:33 p.m.

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