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InterCity Leadership Visit

Our MSP region has learned many things throughout the 15 years of annual study visit to another community to look at their best practices around civic issues. There are several successful initiatives here in MSP that were created from our trips. The Itasca Project, MN Compass, Greater MSP are just a few that resulted from the cross-sector collaborative discussions that took place on InterCity Leadership Visits.

Join the Minneapolis Regional and Saint Paul Area Chambers of Commerce for the 17th InterCity Leadership Visit. This year we are headed to Nashville!

Please contact us with any questions:

Wendy Helgeson | 612-501-0377 |

This year we are going to Nashville, October 14-16!

Why Nashville?
Nashville has a reputation for a strong sense of place, economic growth, and business-friendly public policy.  The city attracts and retains talented professionals, generates hundreds of spin-off businesses, succeeds as a top tourist destination, and embrace creativity to craft a vibrant community.

  • Nashville’s population grew by 29% percent in the last ten years (vs. 6% for the Louisville MSA) and the city approved nearly $2.5 billion in building permits in 2015.  Nashville’s population is projected to grow by another 16 percent by 2025 and then an additional 14 percent by 2035.
  • The growing population mirrors the growing job market which will add around 188,000 positions by 2025 and another 220,000 on top of that by 2035. The top employers in Nashville span a variety of industries such as healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and the food service industry.
  • Nashville is one of five large metropolitan areas in Tennessee and those cities frequently collaborate with their state legislators on specific municipal priorities. We can explore how their regional collaboration leads to business-friendly policies for the entire state.

For more specific details, visit the Nashville Chamber of Commerce website and their regional economic development guide found here.