Minneapolis Regional Chamber Mask Distribution Update

On July 22, Governor Walz announced Executive Order 20-81, a statewide mask mandate that will go into effect on Saturday, July 25, 2020.

Under the order, businesses must require that all persons — including workers, customers, and visitors — wear face coverings and take reasonable steps to enforce the requirement. There are other requirements for businesses; those can be found here under “Businesses’ Obligations Under the Executive Order.”

Chambers of commerce across the state will serve as distribution hubs for masks made available to businesses in need by DEED. The MPLS Regional Chamber expects our allocation of masks early next week. We are currently working to establish distribution sites within Hennepin County. We will communicate furthers details when they are available.

Thank you for your patience as we work on logistics.

If you would like to reserve masks, please here. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Statement From Chamber President Jonathan Weinhagen on Governor’s Statewide Mask Mandate

Minneapolis – The following is a statement from Minneapolis Regional Chamber President & CEO Jonathan Weinhagen on Governor Tim Walz’s Statewide Mask Mandate:

“We support Governor Walz’s action today not only as a public health best practice but as an effective way to ensure we keep Minnesotans safe as we continue to reopen the economy. Minnesota is headed in the right direction, let’s keep it that way.”

Executive Order 20-81

Governor Walz’s  Executive Order 20-81 requires face coverings in indoor spaces and public buildings including retail stores, and in similar outdoor settings where social distancing is not possible. This mandate will go into effect on July 25. For more information and resources click here.

Statement on public safety from mpls downtown council, Mpls Regional Chamber, and BOMA MPLS

There is an unmistakable and significant negative impact from the framing of a needed discussion about improving law enforcement and other public safety efforts as “dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department.” Without a clear understanding that policing services will be reinvented but not eliminated in our City, we can anticipate the desirability of Minneapolis as a community to live, visit, invest, and create/maintain jobs within will diminish.
There is no greater responsibility facing our elected officials at City Hall than providing public safety for all our residents, workers, and visitors. There is no debate more important facing them, and the entire community, than how best to fulfill that responsibility in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd and all that led up to that moment. The following principles will guide our participation in that conversation. We anticipate more organizations and businesses will join us in coming days.

To read this entire message click here.

A Message to our Community Following the Tragic Death of George Floyd

Over the past several days, the world has seen both the worst and the best of Minneapolis-St. Paul. It is incomprehensible that George Floyd, an African American man, a member of our community, a beloved employee of a small business in Minneapolis and a friend to many, was murdered while handcuffed and pleading for his life. The lack of respect for human dignity from someone charged with upholding the law is disgusting and devastating. Our state and country are clearly not where we need to be, not when violence is inflicted by those trained to deescalate it.

Our community has also rallied to support and care for one another. This generosity and loving spirit have been evident even in these difficult days. As one example among many, Touchstone Mental Health requested food donations for Minnehaha Commons residents on Lake Street. So many people dropped off food that they became a distribution center for the entire neighborhood.

We are a region that strives to bring prosperity to all. There is no doubt we must do better. The Minneapolis Regional Chamber acknowledges that unconscious and conscious biases and prejudices create structural impediments to systemic change. We pledge to build on our work supporting inclusive economic growth across the Twin Cities. We will lead with civility, justice, and an intentional approach to delivering systemic change.

To read this entire message click here.

Small Businesses and Communities Need Support

The communities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are in the early stages of recovery in the aftermath of recent events. The Minneapolis Regional Chamber wants to help support our neighbors, small businesses and partners in these efforts.

We have gathered a list of non-profits that have curated lists of organizations that need support either through the donation of goods, need for volunteers or financial contributions. These resources update information in real time in response to evolving community needs.

Minneapolis Regional Chamber and TwinWest Chamber of Commerce Consolidation Announcement

The Minneapolis Regional Chamber and the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce today announced that they plan to consolidate their two organizations into one unified chamber to better serve members and the business community in a new economy. The boards of directors for the Minneapolis Regional Chamber and the TwinWest Chamber approved joint resolutions that formally state their intent to consolidate.

To view the press release, click here.

About Too Local To Fail

Too Local To Fail is a resource for business owners and employees in the MSP region, as well as the entire state of Minnesota. We serve as a hub for information including re-opening tools, business best practices and government guidance and resources. We are also advocating for sensible policies and solutions that will support business that are open, re-opening or experiencing mandatory closures through our small business coalition. To sign on to this effort, #TooLocalToFail, click here.

Too Local To Fail Platform For Building Community and Innovation

Too Local To Fail has a new interactive platform designed to shape the future of the Minneapolis-St. Paul economy. Business leaders, employees and stakeholders can share their ideas about re-opening the economy and a return to work.

To access the new interactive tool, click here. Sign up, become a user, and start voting on ideas or contribute your own.


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