• The Minnesota House and Senate have both passed bills to substantially cut transit service.

    The House bill cuts existing metro transit service by 40%.


    • No matter where you live or work, a transit cut this large will impact you.
    • And no matter whether you use transit or not, a cut this size will large you.
    • If you use transit, your service will get significantly worse.
    • If you drive, more people will be in front of you at the stoplight.
    • Either way, you’ll get to work later.


    We need to take action now to stop the legislature’s massive transit cuts.


    The Minnesota House and Senate are now deciding on the bill they want to send to the Governor. They need to hear:


    • We need better transit to support jobs

    80% of our transit users are traveling to work or school. Maybe you’re one of them. Better transit improves travel times and reliability, reduces business costs, and will attract the next generation of employees to our region.

    • Transit is a good investment

    The business-led Itasca Project evaluated transit’s “return on investment”. The study found a complete transit system in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region would produce benefits of $2 to $9 billion. These jobs and taxes benefit the whole state.

    • Minnesotans want more transit

    A poll conducted for the chambers found that nearly 80% of Minnesotans agree the state would benefit from an expanded and improved public transit system. A strong majority of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans believe the state benefits from an expanded and improved transit system.

    Whatever the form of the survey, people across the state say they get how transit is good for the whole state.


    If you are concerned about the negative impact of these massive transit cuts, click here to contact your State Senator and State Representative now.


    Who we are:

    The Minneapolis Regional and Saint Paul Area Chambers of Commerce represent more than 2,000 businesses. These businesses rely on transit to get their employees to work. They understand the need for a 21st century transportation system to keep the state and region moving.



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