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  • 2018 Bloomington Chamber Public Policy Priorities

  • The Bloomington Chamber supports legislation that will promote, support and enhance business prosperity, civic vitality and the quality of life for businesses and the community in the Bloomington area.


    Business Tax Relief

    Minnesota businesses pay some of the highest taxes in the nation. The Bloomington Chamber supports reducing uncompetitive business taxes and working to encourage investment and economic growth.

    • Provide meaningful business property tax relief by reducing or eliminating the statewide business property tax.
    • Support efforts to reduce the tax burden on businesses that report business income on personal tax returns.
    • Ensure that taxes are spread equitably and work to ensure they do not disproportionately impact consumers or businesses.



    The Bloomington Chamber supports a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation system that provides for the effective movement of people and goods.

    • Support passage of a 10-year, multi-modal funding package that provides increased investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure.
    • State general fund dollars should be allocated for transportation costs and maintenance because transportation is a fundamental function of state government.
    • Bloomington Chamber believes that funding for the Mall of America Transit Station and I494-I35W interchange should be a top priority for the MN Department of Transportation and the state legislature
    • Support accelerated maintenance and improvement of local streets and infrastructure to enhance transportation options necessary for both travel and economic development.


    Education and Workforce

    The Bloomington Chamber supports a well-educated, world class workforce which requires effective investment from early childhood through to various forms of higher education.

    • Support investment in and increased access to quality Early Childhood Education through targeted scholarships to those in most need.
    • Encourage education infrastructure to offer diverse choices that best fit students, parents and market needs, and partner with businesses to help shape the future workforce.



    Having the best qualified workforce helps provide a competitive advantage for Minnesota businesses. The Bloomington Chamber opposes labor policies that make Minnesota an uncompetitive market for either business or worker.

    • Repealing the automatic escalator in the minimum wage rate.
    • Support passing pre-emption legislation that prevents local governments from enacting a minimum wage above the state minimum wage or other labor policies.
    • Oppose sick time and scheduling mandates



    The Bloomington Chamber supports ensuring that residents and employers have access to high-quality, affordable health insurance.

    • Support the ability of payers to innovate and develop to fit the needs of diverse customers and ensure access to affordable health insurance options
    • Health provider price information should be made more transparent to empower consumers.
    • The state health insurance exchange should demonstrate value to consumers
    • State public programs should operate efficiently and with the goal of reducing fraud, waste and abuse
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