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    Sorted by Last Name
    FirstName LastName Assignment Arrival Time
    Linda Sue Anderson Volunteer Check-in 4pm
    Todd Anderson Set Up/ Golf Cart Run 2:00pm
    Mary Anstett TV Announcer 6pm
    Barb Appleby Carry a banner 6pm
    Eileen  Bertozzi Set Up/Golf Cart Run/Section A/Announcers 2:00pm
    Samuel Betcher Carry a banner 6pm
    Janel Brever Volunteer Check-in 4pm
    Joel Brever Golf Cart Runner 5:30pm
    June Broadhurst Carry a banner 6pm
    Cheryl Butz Band Watcher 4:30pm
    Steve Butz Band Watcher 4:30pm
    Julie Craven Head Section Leader 12:30p
    Corey Crushshon Carry a banner 6pm
    Salena Davis Pass Out Programs 6pm
    Elizabeth Dulllum Carry a banner 6pm
    Robert Foster Parade Announcer 6pm
    Linda Foster Parade Judge 6pm
    Liz Frank 26th Ave Partol 4:30pm
    Dennis Galligan Section Leader 4:30pm
    Cheri Gengler Police Water 2pm
    Brianne Gregory Carry a banner 6pm
    Sarah Hooper Banner Carriers 6pm
    Megan Horton Carry a banner 6pm
    Abby Hunt Line Up 12:30pm
    Michael Iacarella Carry a banner 6pm
    Mary Jenkins Section Leader 4:30pm
    Lacey Johnson Carry a banner 6pm
    Timothy Lane Band Judge 6pm
    Brianne Lindquist Carry a banner 6pm
    Tayler Loiselle Band Judge 6pm
    Matt Lupkes Section Leader 4:30pm
    Aaron Marks Band Judge 6pm
    Cindy McCleary Parade Judge 6pm
    Scott McCleary Set Up/Golf Cart Run 3:00pm
    Sue Monette Banner Staging 5:30pm
    Danny Morris Section Leader 4:30pm
    Sarah Mosier Runner all day
    JoAnne Mosier Section Leader with Mary Jenkins 4:30pm
    Wendy O'Neil Carry a banner 6pm
    Brent Pavia Misc Golf Carts 2pm
    Shirley Poelstra Banner Staging 5:30pm
    Candice Raciborski Carry a banner 6pm
    Marty Schirber Collect banners at the end of the parade route  
    Jeff Schrempp Parade Judge 6pm
    Tom Siwek TV Announcer 6pm
    Sheila Skelley Section A 5:30pm
    Andrew Smoley Horses 6pm
    John Stanoch Float  
    Gregory Thompson Carry a banner 6pm
    Elaine Vandenburgh Banner Staging 5:30pm
    Meng Yang Misc Golf Carts 2pm
    John Youngberg Golf Cart Runner 6pm
    Dominic Zahner Horses 6pm
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