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    The Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce believes growing the green economy is important to the success of the region.  Members and staff participate in various steering committees, taskforces, and workgroups facilitated by economic development leaders.  In addition, we provide programs and services to members that encourage them to incorporate sustainable practices in the workplace.


    Green Business Tips: 5-minute podcasts

    As part of the Chamber's sustainable initiatives, we have created a library of podcast interviews with various businesses throughout the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region. Businesses include Minnesota Waste Wise, Eversafe Recycling, Commuter Services, and Transportation Management Organization. These five-minute podcasts spotlight specific changes businesses can make in order to become more sustainable and who can help implement such changes. Podcasts include information about incentives, benefits, programs, and easy ways to incorporate them into one's business. Members are encouraged to browse through the collection and listen to the podcasts at their discretion.

    David Peterson of Bike Walk Ambassadors

    Kate Meredith of Commuter Services

    Dan McLaughlin of Downtown Minneapolis Transportation Management Organization

    Frank Grazzini of Eversafe Recycling

    Kate Worley of Minnesota Waste Wise

    Angie Bourdaghs of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency



    Minneapolis-Saint Paul:  Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

    A new publication by Cherbo Publishing produced in cooperation with the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce.  It will provide an overview of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region’s sustainability practices, accomplishments, and goals and its major green industry players and how these factors work together to make our region a leader in sustainable business, technologies, and practices.


    The first part of the book will emphasize the region’s quality-of-life advantages and its main industries through an overview of the business community, the city’s innovative approach to economic development, its sustainability programs, and the wonderful lifestyle that makes Minneapolis-Saint Paul the perfect place to make both a living and a life. The second part of the book will feature profiles of the region’s key green industry leaders and the area’s most respected businesses and organizations that have contributed to the region’s economic development, sustainability, and success, with companies that create/use environmental technologies or manufacture/distribute green products.


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