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    Advisory Board of Health

    The vision of the Advisory Board of Health is to 'make significant progress in defining and meeting the City's health goals.' Appointed by the City Council, the Advisory Board of Health's mission is to promote, protect and care for the health of our community. It researches and evaluates issues concerning health and the environment within the city, and advises and makes recommendations to the City Council about such issues.  Board meetings are typically the fourth Tuesday of the month, there will be no meetings in July or August. Meetings are usually held from 6 - 8 p.m. in the East Conference Room of the Public Health Center at 1900 West Old Shakopee Road.


    Public Health Division

    PH: 952-563-8909, TTY: 952-563-8900

    E-mail: ntadros@BloomingtonMN.gov



    Charter Commission

    Bloomington's Home Rule Charter was adopted in November 1960. The Bloomington Charter Commission studies issues and makes recommendations on proposed changes to the City Home Rule Charter which outlines municipal governance. The fifteen-member Commission is appointed by the Chief Judge of Hennepin County. The annual meeting is held the first Thursday in May at 7 p.m. at Civic Plaza, 1800 West Old Shakopee Road.


    City Council Secretary

    PH: 952-563-8786, TTY: 952-563-8740

    E-mail: councilsecretary@BloomingtonMN.gov



    Housing Redevelopment Authority

    The Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) is governed by a five-member commission appointed by the City Council. The HRA helps provide housing for those who are not adequately served by the marketplace, coordinates the City's efforts to preserve existing neighborhoods, and promotes development and redevelopment that enhances Bloomington.

    The HRA's programs accomplish its mission through rental assistance, housing rehabilitation, first-time homebuyer assistance and other development and redevelopment programs. Funding comes from federal, state, regional and local sources. Meetings are typically held the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in Civic Plaza, 1800 West Old Shakopee Road.


    Doug Grout, Administrator

    PH: 952-563-8937, TTY: 952-563-8740, FAX: 952-563-4977

    E-mail: hra@BloomingtonMN.gov



    Human Rights Commission

    Since 1968, the Bloomington Human Rights Commission has advised the City Council and the Bloomington School Board on human rights issues. The HRC was established to aid and advise the City Council in insuring all citizens equal opportunity in employment, housing, public accommodations, public services and education and such other affairs as affect the social well-being of the community. Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at Civic Plaza, 1800 West Old Shakopee Road. The public is encouraged to attend.


    Lorinda Pearson, Human Services Division Manager

    PH: 952-563-8733, TTY: 952-563-8740

    E-mail: lpearson@BloomingtonMN.gov



    Local Board of Appeal and Equalization

    The Local Board of Appeal and Equalization is a City Council appointed board consisting of five residents with real estate backgrounds. The Board arbitrates disputes between property owners and the City concerning property class or market value assessments. The Board has the authority to decrease, sustain or increase the market value of a property. Meetings are typically the second and fourth Wednesdays in April, with an orientation meeting during the first week in April. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers, located in Civic Plaza, 1800 West Old Shakopee Road.


    Mark Anderson, Assessing Division

    PH: 952-563-8706, TTY: 952-563-8740

    E-mail: manderson@BloomingtonMN.gov



    Merit Board

    The Merit Board oversees the administration of the City's merit system for City employees. The member board establishes and maintains rules and policies for human resource administration. The Board meets periodically when business is pending before it.


    Human Resources Department

    PH: 952-563-8710, TTY: 952-563-8740

    E-mail: humanresources@BloomingtonMN.gov



    Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission

    The Bloomington Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission advises the City Council on matters related to the capital development, improvement and maintenance of city parks as well as recreation and cultural arts programs. The mission of the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Division is to enhance the quality of life, health and wellness of our patrons through innovative and diversified parks, arts, recreation, leisure and cultural opportunities. This is accomplished through the stewardship of the community's parks and natural areas, and through the provision of quality recreational facilities and programs at an affordable price. Meetings are usually held in the Dakota Conference Room, located in Civic Plaza, 1800 West Old Shakopee Road.


    Parks and Recreation Division

    PH: 952-563-8877, FAX: 952-563-8715, TTY: 952-563-8740

    E-mail: parksrec@BloomingtonMN.gov



    Planning Commission

    The Bloomington Planning Commission advises the City Council on development proposals, development standards, long-range planning and transportation issues.  Meetings are usually held on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers in Bloomington Civic Plaza, 1800 West Old Shakopee Road.


    Planning Division

    PH: 952-563-8920, FAX: 952-563-8949, TTY: 952-563-8740

    E-mail: planning@BloomingtonMN.gov



    Port Authority

    The Bloomington Port Authority coordinates orderly commercial and industrial development throughout the City. The Port Authority's efforts currently are concentrated on the McGough transit oriented development, Mall of America Phase II and surrounding lands in the South Loop Development Area. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at 5:15 p.m. in the Council Chamber located in Civic Plaza, 1800 West Old Shakopee Road.


    Port Authority

    PH: 952-563-4861, FAX: 952-563-8949 

    E-mail: srudlang@BloomingtonMN.gov



    City Council


    Gene Winstead


    9632 Xerxes Road - 55431


    Term expires January 2, 2020






    At Large

    Tim Busse


    2909 West 97th Street - 55431


    Term expires January 2, 2020


    At Large

    Kim Vlaisavljevich


    329 Norman Ridge Drive - 55437


    Term expires November 7, 2017


    District I

    Dwayne Lowman


    2400 W. 102nd Street, Apt #212 - 55431


    Term expires January 2016



    District II

    Eldon Spencer


    9332 Xylon Circle S. - 55438


    Term expires November 7, 2017



    District III

    Jack Baloga


    7123 Oak Pointe Curve - 55438


    Term expires January 1, 2018


    District IV

    Jon Oleson


    8725 2nd Avenue S - 55420


    Term expires January 1, 2018


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