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    The Central Avenue Special Services District (CASSD) runs along both sides of Central Avenue from 19th Avenue to 26th Avenue. This includes portions of Windom Park, Audubon Park, and Holland neighborhoods. The special service district property owners incur additional taxes in order to provide a higher level of service than the City of Minneapolis provides. CASSD, one of 10 special service districts currently operating in Minneapolis, started in 1999.  In addition to the snow removal that is done by the City, CASSD insures that the sidewalks are plowed and the snow hauled away, thus greatly improving pedestrian access in the special service district, and facilitating ease of Central Avenue parking and walking to the businesses within the Special Service District.  The advisory committee meets monthly and makes decisions on behalf of the property owners.


    CASSD Committee Members:

    • Amy Fields - Eastside Food Co-op             
    • Christine Levens - NE Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce
    • Jim Higgins - Higgins Insurance                   
    • Linda McDonald - Subway                            
    • Colleen Olsen - Tom’s Styling
    • Scott McCleary - Central Avenue Liquors
    • Katherine Bakke - Monroe Village Apartments
    • Sharon Baker – New Boston Square

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