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  • Coalition Supporters

    • Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
    • Columbus Corporation / Park and Shop / LaSalle Court Parking
    • Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce
    • Impark
    • Greater Minneapolis Hotel Association
    • Midwest Hardware Association
    • Minneapolis Downtown Council
    • Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce
    • Minnesota Bankers Association
    • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
    • Minnesota Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners
    • Minnesota Business Partnership
    • Minnesota Grocers Association
    • Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association
    • Minnesota Lodging Association
    • Minnesota Newspaper Association
    • Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association
    • Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Association
    • Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association
    • Minnesota Restaurant Association
    • Minnesota Retailers Association
    • Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Association
    • National Federation of Independent Business
    • River Heights Chamber of Commerce
    • Shakopee Chamber of Commerce
    • Tiger Oak Media
    • Twin West Chamber of Commerce
    • Warehouse District Business Association

  • About Us

    Workforce Fairness Coalition is a group of businesses, non-profits and associations committed to keeping Minneapolis an innovative, progressive workforce leader. We support ensuring families and employers are able to create flexible work environments that benefit everyone.  Formed in response to political pressure attempting to create a one size fits all ‘Working Families Agenda’ that inserts the City of Minneapolis into the employer-employee relationship, we are committed to ensuring every workplace is fair and equitable, that an honest day's work yields an honest day's pay, and that Minneapolis employees and employers maintain fairness in the workplace.

    We no longer live in a municipal or regional economy. People have the ability to live and work anywhere in the world, our economy and workforce is global. In a recent study, 75% of employees ranked workplace flexibility as their top benefit. (The 2015 Workplace Flexibility Study, WorkTrends.com)  Minneapolis employers and employees must continue to have the ability to be innovative in developing progressive workplaces or risk losing talented people.

    Our goal is to push back against a “solution” in search of a problem that inserts the City of Minneapolis into the employee-employer relationship creating an unworkable employer-city hall-employee relationship. We support a real working families agenda that empowers employers and employees with the flexibility to ensure workforce fairness throughout Minneapolis.

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